Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Nights - Living Water!!

It has been an hour since the women left the house.  It has been a day FULL of women!  Women from all walks of life - all ages - but all here with the same intent - and that is for spiritual retreat!!  We are studying the Word together - under the leadership of Beth Moore as she teaches (via DVD) the Laws of Love, a 6 week Bible Study.

I have learned so much under the teaching of Beth.  I love how she teaches the Word.  She brings it to life.  She is passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ, and has been obedient to the call He placed on her life to teach.

We began by offering the 6 weeks on Monday evening.  That filled up fast!  We have 11 women attending the evening sessions.  And then we offered a Monday morning study - same study, but different time.  We have 14 women in that class.

So today, after making some scones and bran muffins and making multiple pots of coffee - the women came.  We studied and they left.  Then again at 7, women came, we studied and they left.
It is a full day of just being spiritually refreshed over and over and over again.  A day of drawing from the living water!  Thank You Lord!!

~ Joy Klassen, Executive Director

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