Sunday, January 22, 2012

tiling and carpets and other things!

I have had to make a few decisions that to me, are BIG decisions.  For instance - the color of the siding for the barn (RED) and the color of the siding for the house (NAVY BLUE).  The color and style of the cabinets.  The color of the paint for the rooms.  The kind of appliances (Josh picked some of them).  I have also had to decide on tile for the front foyer (with Alvin's help) and also the carpet for the steps/halls and bedrooms (with the help of Alvin and the kids).

The house is coming along.  The upstairs is all "trimmed" with the baseboards all made and painted.  Even I was able to help with some of the painting of the door trim, and the filling of the holes, and the sanding.  There is not much I can do, but I could do that!

The trim is coming along on the main level.  The downstairs suite is painted (thank you Michael).  The bathrooms are coming together (thank you Josh).  The last few doors are ordered from Menards (thank you for the BIG sale on solid wood doors Menard's!) We will have to take another trip to the states!
Two guys that Alvin works with (firefighters) came and did the tiling of the slate at the front door.  We selected tile with more color to it, and personally, I think it looks wonderful!

I started to look for carpet a couple weeks ago.  Didn't realize what a challenge that would be.  Shag or Berber?  Long pile/short pile.  Dark or light?  Nylon or polyester?  Who knew how much carpet would be per square yard!  I brought home small samples.  We felt them.  We put our feet on them.  Our friends checked them out and made selections.  Then Alvin and I went last week on our way home from welcoming our newest little grandson Roger into the world, and we were shown another sample (much like the ones we had, but more in our price range).  Is it REALLY TRUE that "you get what you pay for?"

On Saturday, I went and picked up the big sample cards (much bigger than the little squares that we could only fit one toe on) and when we went to celebrate Joshua's birthday, after dinner I pulled out the samples.  And one by one we did a "blindfold test feel" of the carpets, one foot on the left, on foot on the right sample.  Even our little Roger got into it at the end.  Everett was in bed already!
the BLIND feel test - without a blindfold
Michael's turn!  NO PEEKING!
Even Roger gets in on the action!

And, the drum roll please ..... because we narrowed it right down to COOKIE CRISP (color).  Now I have to head back to the carpet place tomorrow to see what they can do for us or the "bottom line" should I say.  I know there will be at least a $2 reduction ... and a little more.  We had talked with one of the owners on Tuesday.  It was really funny actually because I started to talk and ask him something and he stopped me, apologized for doing that, but said, "What are you wearing? I really want to know."  He meant my fragrance, which I told him was "KARMA by LUSH" .  He wrote it down, thanked me, told me how nice it was, and then carried on with business at hand!

So tomorrow I will go back and return samples, and ask about the bottom line and then order the carpet.  It will take 2-3 weeks to get here, and then it can be installed by another firefighter that does the work on the side.  Always someone to do a job or two!

Josh is working on the bathrooms, doing the tiling etc.  They are coming along, and I have a feeling that I will get to babysit Everett for a few hours when Josh comes to work.  Looking forward to that.
Josh's tiling of the bathroom in between the WINTER and AUTUMN rooms

tile goes down in the ensuite of RESTORE

AND in the lower level, Michael has been at work painting.  Alvin picked the color and we liked it - so  Michael painted.  Things are coming together.

I bought our dishwasher.  AND I finally bought the washer/dryer. Some lights have been put up! So many decisions!  I am thankful that we are moving ahead little by little.  It is exciting to see it coming together and looking more and more finished all the time!

We have also been blessed by a few more cheques in the mail!  

Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank You

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