Sunday, December 4, 2011

Open House reflections!

We had the open house and Alvin and I were completely overwhelmed by the support of family and friends.  Being that I was in my "boot" still (due to my fall down a couple steps) I was basically dependent on everyone.  I really do have to say that I could not done most of "my" stuff without my daughter Ashley, who is so efficient at multi-tasking and also administrative stuff.

AND to add more - she baked about 150 cupcakes for the event! Audrey (our friend who lives around the corner from us, graciously baked a few too)

The week of the open house, things were a flurry of activity at the house.  The floor in the sanctuary and then the pine flooring of the house was being laid.  Lights were being put up (at least some of the one that the girls and I had purchased).  The gas line was being inspected so that we could run the gas fireplace.  While it doesn't have the much-loved smell of burning wood, I am going to LOVE the convenience of just turning it on with a switch.

During the week some of our friends also helped out, taking over on things after the boys finished for the day.  Willy and Elmer joined in some of that work.  Jeannette and Phoebe helped clean to get ready for the event.  Jeannette - your organization skills came in very handy in the lower level!  Betty was so willing to take on the food part (with great easy and accuracy!)  Jeannette picked up the stuff for the hot apple cider!  I just could not have done any of it without you all.

And then the morning of the event, Kim came and helped make icing and decorate the cupcakes with us in the morning.  (another flurry of activity believe me!)

And then our board, who graciously came, and mingled and did some "tours" with people and answered questions and just were there to greet!  Thank you all of you!!  We also could not do this without you all.

It was quite the event.  We are so blessed.

Here are some pics from the event!

cupcakes galore

Preparing the day before the open house

Betty was in charge of the other goodies!

Many good conversations happened around apple cider and coffee!

family and friends!

Betty and Phoebe sharing a moment!

a giant cupcake on top with the logo!
(logo created by Lorie Mayer!)

my brother Tim and sister-in-law Jody, hand out
our newsletters and talk with people about donation opportunities

some favuorite women in my life!
I have been prayed for a lot by these two!!

my office - with my art that I purchased from Faye Hall!

we hung pictures around the place - that show the journey 

looking down from the second floor

not finished yet, but this is the "Sanctuary"

looking out the window of "SPRING"

we will gladly take Canadian Tire money!

We want to thank you ALL for coming!  We are able to send out the newsletter via email (current one as well as future newsletters).

We thank each one that gave a donation toward the ministry.  We ARE a recognized charitable organization and can give TAX RECEIPTS.

If you would like to be on our mailing list either via email, or snail mail.  Or are considering a donation for the 2011 tax year - we would love to hear from you.

Email us at:

And our mailing address is:    Box 38116
                                                      East St. Paul, MB

Thanks so much!! We covet  your prayers as we continue along this journey, and we WILL keep you informed when it is time for our ribbon-cutting grand opening.  The Open House was just a way to show you where we were at this time!

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