Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dreaming ~ Designing ~ Drawing ~ Drinking Coffee

We have had the joy of dreaming~and drinking coffee at Mountain Bean with Jerald.  It has become our place of looking over plans, talking about details, and dreaming.  Jerald ~ continues to be a gift from God to us and ultimately to the ministry.  We met a week and a half ago to go over some more details such as room size, master suite should include what?, putting in a lift for wheelchair access, windows in the basement, moving the shop forward about 15 -20 feet and on and on.  In fact our coffee cups were long emptied before our discussion wrapped up.  This is a very exciting time for all of us.  The thing that Alvin and I are so thankful for is that it is obvious that Jerald and us are on the “same page” when it comes to dreaming about what the retreat house will look like. 
This past week receipts have gone out and I have also heard that our friend Wayne is willing to do our bookkeeping stuff.  That is such a great thing!  And when I went to the mailbox yesterday ~ there was another donation!  This is a very exciting time. 
Now, we need to sell our home in Anola, so that we can have the money that it will take to build our home/retreat house.  So ~ for our praying partners out there, here are some requests for prayer:
  • pray for Jerald as he works on the plans, and Lordwilling are able to meet this week.
  • pray that we can sell out home in Anola.  It will begin to be shown on October 1st and we are praying that it will sell quick.  I believe that God has already prepared the ones who will buy it.
These are very exciting times!  To God be the glory – Great things He has done and is doing and is going to do!
the road is put in

the barn/shop is photoshopped in - to scale

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